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Who Are We?

Beer Garage Accelerator program is a flagship program with a focus on solving real world complex business problems for the AB InBev ecosystem across Global Fintech, APAC and Africa geography.

We're looking for game changers from all over the world who are willing to disrupt, put their talents to the test, and push the boundaries of innovation.


VAS Solution

About the startup

IMIX provides a Fintech as a Service strategy for the Last Mile that democratizes access to financial services networks, making the channel creation, administration and scalability more profitable and streamlined.


Build inclusive digital ecosystems for economic recovery.


Meet The Founder

Sandra Rubio

Founder & CEO

Sandra Rubio’s initial vision for Imix was that it would be a small business that would allow her to keep working in tech. In 2017, she made a decision to reinvent Imix into a business that would help solve financial inclusion through networks of financial services.

Sandra also founded a Female Leaders and Entrepreneurs group in Colombia, and is an activist for women in digital entrepreneurship.

Payment Gateway

About the startup

Whoosh is a Payment Gateway Service Provider allowing merchants to process transactions on a web-portal as well as mobile application.


Bring value to the payment landscape in South Africa.


Meet The Founder

Lebeko Mphelo

Founder and Head of Product Development

Lebeko Mphelo, founder and head of product development, noticed a gap in digital payments back in 2013 when he attended a friend’s exclusive party on the outskirts of Pretoria. He could not pay via card and had to drive 20 minutes to be able to buy anything there. This is where he got the idea for Whoosh.

Alternative Payment

About the startup

Kotani Pay is a technology stack that enables Blockchain protocols, apps and Blockchain FinTech companies to integrate seamlessly to local payment channels in Africa.


Connect business payments to SMS phone users in Africa.


Meet The Founder

Felix Macharia


Steve Kiarie


Brian Kimotho


Keith Mandela


Samuel Kariuki


The founders of Kotani Pay realized that these communities were locked out because most public blockchain networks were built with the smartphone user in mind. This inspired them to develop a solution that increases financial freedom of those in underprivileged societies while educating them in mobile money, digital assets, and blockchain technology.

Payment Gateway

About the startup

Nium is a next-generation financial services platform  that enables companies around the world to unlock new revenue opportunities and improve cash flow economics.


Simplify the payments experience for consumers and businesses around the world.


Meet The Founder

Prajit Nanu

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder and CEO, Prajit Nanu got the idea for Nium when he experienced a personal challenge moving money. Today, the Nium platform connects business to the world’s payment infrastructure through one API.

Prior to co-founding Nium, Prajit was the Global Sales Director at TMF Group, and the Vice President of Sales and Account Management at WNS Global Services.

VAS Solution

About the startup

Elegir Seguro is a cutting-edge platform for delivering multi-risk commercial & industrial insurance coverages from our carriers.


Make business insurance "shoppable" online in an autopilot experience.

San Juan

Meet The Founder

Diego Robledo


Martin Weidemann

Founder & CEO

Diego Robledo and Martin Weidemann founded Elegir Seguro after noticing that accessing trusted insurance with policies tailored to one’s needs is a difficult task in Mexico.

Recently, the startup won the CAF Laboratory (Development Bank of America Latina) of Financial Inclusion (LIF 2020) that aimed to find technological solutions that promote financial inclusion and help mitigate the effects of Covid-19 in Latin America.

AI based Social Commerce

About the startup

MAI provides a fully automated video shopping solution which allows consumers to employ AI computer vision technology and use personalisation and e-commerce bidding systems to buy things online.


Make visual content shoppable

New York

Meet The Founder

Joy Tang

Founder & CEO

CEO and Founder of, Joy started the business in the U.S. in 2017. By 2018, the firm had started to take a hold in the Chinese market. Prior to Mai, Joy was a Senior High Frequency Trading Strategist where she designed, programmed, and launched machine learning trading bots.

Targeted Marketing

About the startup

Cosmose AI understands, predicts, and influences how billions of people shop offline by seamlessly adding data-driven actionable insights back to their online and digital assets.


Understand consumers better to serve them better.


Meet The Founder

Miron Mironiuk

Founder & CEO

Miron Mironiuk founded Cosmose in 2014 after several years of never seeing an adequate solution to integrate offline retail with online advertising.

Miron began his career at DDB Worldwide Communications, where he founded the network’s first digital media planning department and worked with over 20 clients including Unilever, Philips, McDonald’s and Pandora Jewelry.

Consumer Insights

About the startup

Quilt.AI creates empathy at scale between organizations and the billions of people on the planet. With playful imagination and responsible technology, Quilt AI uncovers cultural meaning in big human data to design positive change and impact at scale.


Understand human empathy at scale.


Meet The Founder

Angad Chowdhry

Founder & Chief of Product

Anurag Banerjee

CEO & Co-Founder

Angad Chowdhry started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011, building India’s first digital cultural research and OSINT firm, SPHINX.

Anurag Banerjee co-founded Quilt.AI after having been an entrepreneur across multiple emerging market startups with a deep data focus.

Reverse Logistics

About the startup

Tripplo is a digital platform that facilitates the safe and efficient movement of road freight cargo across SADC.


Create a new road standard for African-road freight.


Meet The Founder

Victor Chaitezvi


Victor Chaitezvi started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011 at the age of 23 and has been involved in over 22 small commercial and social entrepreneurial ventures in Africa and the USA.

Prior to founding Tripplo in 2019, Victor managed 4 of the 8 companies that were part of Microsoft's R500 Million Equity Equivalent investment programme.

Marketing Research

About the startup

Neural Sense™ is a full-service neuromarketing consultancy that leverages the full spectrum of neuroscience and biometric technologies to optimise emotional engagement and memorability of clients' brands, products and services.


Enable brands to measure understand, and affect human emotion and behaviour.

Cape Town

Meet The Founder

Mark Drummond


Dr. David Rosenstein


Mark Drummond has over a decade of experience working in advertising. He applies his extensive experience in the development of marketing strategies and creative advertising campaigns to the relatively new field of Consumer Neuroscience.

David comes from a background in Clinical Psychology and has vast knowledge in the field of Neuroscience. As the scientific backbone of the Neural Sense™ team, he ensures that all projects are both scientifically and ethically sound.

Last Mile Delivery

About the startup

Amitruck is an innovative solution for logistics professionals enabling massive cost savings, improved efficiency, and digitization to the last mile.


Bring trust and transparency back into the African logistics sector.


Meet The Founder

Mark Mwangi

Founder and CEO

Mark Mwangi founded Amitruck after noticing their clients facing problems when it came to finding vehicles to make their deliveries.

Amitruck’s solution conveniently cuts out expensive middlemen whilst increasing security as all drivers and vehicles are vetted and goods in transit insured.

Success Stories From Previous Cohorts

We helped transform Discover Dollar from a 3-month POC to a global business with presence in Africa, Europe, Asia and South America

Our product marketing expertise + analytics capabilities helped in the establishment of this media budget planning platform into a global tool with 200+ users

Transformed SMB with our domain knowledge and technical guidance into a large enterprise with 6000+ suppliers in 10 countries and 1B+ yearly transactions


Global Expansion

Connect with key executives and corporate partners from our global markets and explore your potential to expand globally.

Upto $50K Paid Engagement

Eligibility for Paid Engagement with milestone payments and paid Proof of Concepts (POCs) up to $50,000.

Mentorship for Product Maturity

Access to key resources, opportunities to upscale to an Enterprise Grade Product, deployment in a live environment with assistance in the co-creation of a product roadmap.

Investment Opportunity

Opportunity for investment with exposure to our VC network/partners as well as opportunity within ABI’s ecosystem with Z-Tech and ZX Ventures.

Perks and Credits

Access to cloud credits from our partners; events & training workshops at Beer Garage. Opportunity to be recommended to one of our Innovation Consortium partners and networking on the Beer Garage Platform.


Open Banking API

Mechanisms in which customer’s banking information is shared to applications or APIs to create an ecosystem that is conducive to generating business, solving needs, suggesting services and more

1-Click Payments for D2C/B2B

Solutions allowing customers to make purchases using 1 click with the payment information needed to complete the purchase having been entered by the user previously

POS Innovations

Solutions innovating the traditional POS mechanisms, allowing more ease and comfort for both customers and SMBs.

Alternative SMB Landing

Solutions for nontraditional lenders to invest in an SMB entity, who may be under-served by traditional lending institutions

Subscription Services to D2C/B2B

Solutions which provide a service/product on a subscription cycle for the customers who pay on recurring cycle

Value Added Services (VAS) Platforms

Solutions providing the customers an added service along with the purchased service/product

Alternative Payment Methods

Mechanisms which are categorised as any form of payment which isn’t cash, or a debit/credit card issued by a major bank.

E-wallet integrated Loyalty Solutions

Solutions where businesses integrate robust loyalty offerings into their mobile wallets

Cash Management Solutions

Solutions for the formalization of offline customers allowing them make purchases online and pay offline and other cash management solutions through payables, receivables and liquidity management.

Consumer Data Collection and Targeted Marketing

Tech solutions to collect consumer data through our online and offline channels to understand them better and send personalized offers and promotions.

Sales Force Automation

Cost-effective, easily customizable, AI and analytics driven end-to-end solutions for our sales team to drive better sales execution and performance.

Supplier Recommendation

Open platform to identify suppliers from the marketplace and get a complete comparative study on parameters (quality, TAT, cost, etc.) to help in decision making for Smart Procurement.

Digital Menus

Simple, cost effective, easy to use, multilingual and QR code based digital menu solutions for our bar, pubs and restaurant partners to provide enhanced experience to our consumers and improve our brand/sales equity.

Reduction in Breakages, Detention and Demurrages losses

Solutions to give visibility into the causes of breakages during transit. Real time visibility for fleet till the unloading happens to minimize detention losses and the stock movement outside ABI warehouses to minimize demurrage losses.

Financial Transactions

Solutions offering capabilities for digitization of payments, transaction and settlements of discounts/claims/invoices across B2B2C.

Automation Opportunities

Solutions to automate our supply chain and logistics process: Loading/Unloading of trucks, Bottle Inspection, Carton Assembling and Sealing, Equipment Controllers, Intra-Brewery Logistics.

Utility as a Service

Partner solutions offering supply of utilities on metered billing system (Utility as a Service model) for water, energy, warehouse space, equipments, etc.

Brewery Operations

Solutions for preventive maintenance of machines/equipments, 3D-printing of parts, realtime automatic conveyor synchronisation, process/safety compliance alert mechanisms for Brewery Operations.

Route to Market

Solutions allowing connect drivers (to sellers) with riders (to buyers) with the capability of mobile payment and dynamic pricing. Cost effective solutions on vehicle tracking.

E2E Stock Reconciliation

Solutions which can efficiently and effectively track, and match finished products vs end users

WIFI Chiller (Digitalize Store)

Solution/product idea of creating a free WIFI network within the cooler using a device which can be used by store owner to ​place orders via B2B platform

Reverse Logistics Recycle & Sustainability solutions

Solutions on supply chain system with tech integrated. Track, collect and process the bottles & cans back to manufacturer. Sustainable solution on use of less plastics.

Store Mini Cameras (IOT solutions)

Infrastructure IOT solutions which can be used to track chiller temp, theft, shelf space etc. Analyze the footprint of the store and customer analytics.

Digital Signage

Solutions to digital display communications and promotions in the POC’s

Market Analytics

Solutions which can identify competitors' market analysis and areas of operations. Tools to measure markets using best frameworks and dashboards

Digital Marketing

AI driven solutions for 121 marketing promotions for specific POC’s using multi-channel social media data


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