Beer Garage Accelerator

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Who Are We?

Beer Garage Accelerator is a program by Beer Garage – Global tech innovation hub of AB InBev with the aim of driving innovation by building a robust network focused on solving real world complex business problems for the AB InBev ecosystem across Europe, LATAM, Africa & APAC.

Multi-million $

Business Impact

4 Years

Of Brewing Innovation


Startup Connects


Startup Partners

Beer Garage Timeline

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Upto US$50K Paid Engagement

Eligibility for Paid Engagement with milestone payments and paid Proof of Concepts (POCs) upto USD $50,000 (depending on scope of pilot).

Global Expansion and New Customer Connects

Connect with key executives and corporate partners from our global markets and explore your potential to expand globally.

Access to Investors

Opportunity for investment with exposure to our VC network/partners as well as opportunity within AB InBev’s ecosystem with Z-Tech and ZX Ventures.

Mentorship For Product Maturity

Access to key resources, opportunities to upscale to an Enterprise Grade Product, deployment in a live environment with assistance in the co-creation of a product roadmap

Perks & Credits

Access to cloud credits from our partners; events & training workshops at Beer Garage. Opportunity to be recommended to one of our Innovation Garage partners and networking on the Beer Garage Platform.

Marketing & Branding Support

Get access to support with Marketing and Branding via our outreach events and digital platforms.


NFTs/Metaverse Collaborations

Create unique customer experiences and touch points to Improve consumer engagement and brand presence leveragingNFT/metaverse

Virtual Idols

Solutions to capitalize on our virtual idol Hajiang for increased consumer engagement and branding

Esports and Gaming

Solutions to strength positioning of our brands associated with sports in the esports and gaming ecosystem.

Social/Live Commerce

Solutions that tap into social media and live events to connect, experience, and buy our products

Consumer Data Collection

Innovative solutions to know more about our consumers through the power of owned data (data acquisition)

Targeted Marketing

Solutions to build a personalized connection with our consumers for targetedmarketing.

Sales force enablement

Digital solutions for our field sales team to drive better sales execution and performance.

Smart Packaging

Solutions that can enable additional functions into the packaging to derive more value from them e.g. Gain a better understanding of our product’sjourney

PET Innovation

Collaborate with partners who provide innovative PET solutions that favours sustainability.

Sustainable Packaging

Innovative environment friendly packing solutions that conform with functional requirements for our beer and beyond beerproducts.

Assets Trading Platform

Innovative solutions that allow optimization of cost intensive assets in entire supply chain by sharing with other players in the industry. E.g. Shared Logistics, warehouses etc.

Supply Chain Tracking

Digital Solution to quickly access the key details (place of origin, Route to Market partners etc.) of our products available in outlets during the field visits.

Repurpose Brewery By-Products

Innovative solutions to repurpose our Brewery Spent Grain, Yeast & Kieselguhr

Reverse Logistics (Bottle Recovery)

Solutions to bring our beer bottles back to our facility

Sustainable Packaging

Eco-friendly alternatives for plastic labels and shrink wrap

Solar Cooler

Economical solar charging coolers for beer bottles & cans

Last Mile Delivery

A tech-enabled platform for direct-to-consumer delivery services.

EV for Last-Mile Delivery

Electric cargo and 2- Wheeler delivery vehicle with coolers

Value Added Services

Solutions for nontraditional lenders to be vended in the SMB entity

Digital Payments (POS Devices, Cash Collection)

Innovative tech-based alternatives for traditional POS mechanisms


Collaboration with upcoming metaverse platforms and partners who can plan and design digital spaces (2D|3D)

Non –Fungible Tokens

Collaboration in NFT space to increase brand awareness

Consumer Data Enrichment

Consumer Segmentation & Data Enrichment through first-Party data

Asset Financing

Tailor-made credits solutions to enable Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) procure Assets ( Equipment, van / motorcycle) to grow their business

Supply Chain Financing

Solutions to enable Small and Medium Businesses to better manage their working capital


Solutions that enable Small and Medium Businesses to offer remittance solutions enabling them to generate additional revenue and offer this key service to the customers in their community


Innovative Solutions that offer tailor-made / customisable insurances for SMB’s and Ecosystem Suppliers

Emerging Rewards and Loyalty Solutions

Innovative Reward and loyalty solutions for our Fintech SMB Customers

New Marketplace Offerings

Marketplace Solutions offerings to find and hire different resources (e.g. In-Store Entertainment – Musicians , Artists) for the SMBs.

Data Monetization Engine

Solutions to identity insights from the payments, credit and other data sets captured by ABI Fintech Business and unearth new revenue streams/product offering opportunities

Payments Innovation

Innovative solutions to simplify, improve the consumer experience and make the entire digital payment process more cost-efficient for Small and Medium Businesses

Value Added Health Services

Solutions that offer health and wellness services to Small and Medium Businesses and their family

Collections for Lending

Innovation tech solutions to simplify the collections of credit repayments from Small and Medium Businesses

Realtime Fraud Detection

Cost efficient Innovative Solutions for real –time fraud detection and reporting on large volume of data processed by Fintech business unit

Video KYC Authentication

Innovative solution to provide Video KYC and real-time authentication services that can be easily integrated with existing tech platforms of AB InBev.


Our mentors are enigmatic industry leaders guiding the next generation in this journey of innovation.

William Bao Bean

General Partner SOSV


Julio Arias

Co-founder, Sketchnote


Shreekant Pawar

Co-founder Sketchnote


Vamshi Reddy

Partner, Kalaari Capital


Wouter Peeters

VP Technology & Analytics, Budweiser APAC


Guilherme Pereira Pinto

VP Technology & Business Services, Africa, AB InBev


Sami Haddad

Global Head of Fintech, Z-Tech


Christian Nee-Whang

FinTech Africa Zone Lead AB InBev


Carmel Appel Raskin

Global Director of Tech Innovation AB InBev


Zak Manion

Innovations Director APAC, AB InBev


Cesar Robles

BeerTech Director, AB InBev



Together, we drive a challenging ecosystem that enables corporate growth while assisting in the attainment of innovative objectives.


Hear from winners from our previous cohorts

AB InBev supported our vision for growth, giving us access to investment networks as well as access to various markets across their entire ecosystem. They share our passion for disruptive innovation and continue to help us explore opportunity for collaboration as we grow our business. If you’re an ambitious startuplooking to accelerate your growth, we strongly recommend that you apply for the program.

Mark Drummond

Co-Founder & CEO

Great experience with the Beer Garage Accelerator Program. They execute really fast. It’s difficult to have outcome focused approach, but Innovation Brewery has nailed it

Subramanya Rao

Founder & CEO

Beer Garage Accelerator Program has been a boon for Aerchain. They were very clear in their business objectives from Day 1 and it was clearly shown in their agile evaluation process. They have closely worked together with us & provided the mentorship required for global deployment.

Harsha Kadimisetty

Founder & CEO

We have a great working experience with ABI Innovation team.​ Their passion to solve hard problems with cutting edge technology and their keen interest in working with deep tech startups is one of a kind in the industry.

Anand Prabhu Subramanian​

Co-Founder & CEO