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Who can apply to the startup program?
Early Stage and above startups that have either a product that is ready to go to the market or is already in the market with capabilities in the following areas can apply:
  • APAC Edition: Metaverse, Sales & Marketing, Packaging Innovation and Supply Chain Optimization
  • Africa Edition: Sustainability, Africa Fintech, Route to Market, Martech

What is the selection process?
  • Application Form: Prepare the pitch deck/ pitch video and attach it to the application form. After form completion, startups will be evaluated accordingly.
  • Business Team Review: The startups will be evaluated by the domain teams based on their value proposition for AB InBev and their proposed approach to solve a specific use case.
  • Leadership Review: The startups will present their final pitch to the leadership for further shortlisting and commencement of the onboarding process.

When can we expect to be contacted after the completion of the application program?
We have a very agile evaluation process which would let us communicate back to you in 3 weeks' time in the first week of June.

What is the selection criteria for the program?
  • Ability to demonstrate the business value & scalability of the solution.
  • Readiness to expand to new geographical regions.
  • Experience with CPGs particularly alcohol/beverages segment would be an added advantage.
  • Innovative Commercial models: OPEX, Gain Share, Lease, etc.
  • Strong product roadmap.

What stage of company are you looking for?
A large part of the program is based on launching pilots to validate product/market fit. Therefore, we are primarily looking for companies that have either a product that is ready to go to market or already in-market.


How many challenges have been issued? What are they?
We have released one challenge – Africa Innovation Challenge. It was a pan-Africa challenge to identify hi-tech, high potential startups and founders building innovative solutions across Africa. The multi-sector challenge was open to startups across the following 5 themes:
  • Digital Sales: Provide technology with proven return on investment enabling Digital Sales, leveraging existing channels to find, engage and connect with prospective buyers along with building relationships on digital platforms, and converting it into offline sales.
  • Digital Supply Chain: Provide disruptive technology leveraging the existing Supply Chain suit (demand planning, asset management, warehouse management, transportation and logistics management, procurement, order fulfillment) that can drive better insights empowering stakeholder(s) in the chain in making better decisions.
  • Sustainability: Focus on contributing progress toward the sustainability goals (Smart Agriculture, Water Stewardship, Circular Packaging, and Climate Action) where we can use our scale and partnerships to drive meaningful positive change.
  • 3P Lending: Provide working capital loans and business growth loans to SME businesses for improving their cash liquidity.
  • Alternative Payments: Provide payment solutions that enable card payments, bank transfers, accept digital payments, and sell value add services.

Will any further challenges be launched?
The Beer Garage Accelerator Program is always adapting to match the ever-evolving business needs within AB InBev. We update our challenges on a yearly basis.

What are the key results that the Beer Garage Accelerator Program has delivered over the past 3 years?
Over the past 3 years, Beer Garage Accelerator Program has delivered:
  • Multi-Million $ Business Impact
  • 30+ Ecosystem Partners
  • 2000+ Startup Connects
  • 30+ Global Innovation Events

What's the objective of the Beer Garage Accelerator Program as a startup accelerator?
Beer Garage Accelerator Program is a flagship program to solve complex business problems through co-innovation/plug & play implementation model partnering with the best-in-class startups from across the globe.

What is the program duration? How many startups are in each cohort?
The program duration is 6 months and 5 - 6 startups are selected per cohort.


Why would a startup participate?
The Beer Garage Accelerator Program will provide support, guidance and access to potential funding through:
  • Mentorship For Product Maturity: Access to key resources, opportunities to upscale to an Enterprise Grade Product, deployment in a live environment with assistance in the co-creation of a product roadmap.
  • Global Expansion and Customer Connect: Connect with key executives and corporate partners from our global markets and explore your potential to expand globally.
  • Investment Opportunity: Opportunity for investment with exposure to our VC network/partners as well as opportunity within AB InBev’s ecosystem with Z-Tech and ZX Ventures.
  • Upto $50K Paid Engagement: Eligibility for Paid Engagement with milestone payments and paid Proof of Concepts (POCs) up to $50,000.
  • Perks & Credits: Access to cloud credits from our partners; events & training workshops at Beer Garage. Opportunity to be recommended to one of our Innovation Garage partners and networking on the Beer Garage Platform.
  • Marketing & Branding Support: Get access to support with Marketing and Branding from industry experts and a network of agencies connected to the Beer Garage platform.

Will we work with each company post the accelerator program?
The program is about six months, however:
  • After six months, the company may continue to work with us on proof of concepts (POCs)
  • Companies can maintain a lasting affiliation with us through the relationships developed during the program

How much investment will be raised at the end of the program?
Startups will be eligible for Paid Engagement with milestone payments and paid Proof of Concepts (POCs) up to US$ 50K. Post the program, there might be possible opportunities for investment with exposure and recommendation to our VC network/partners within AB InBev (Z-Tech, ZX Ventures) depending on the success of pilots.